• Katie Smith and Dave Briggs (and their band of merry collaborators) are here to help you deliver positive outcomes through our exciting mix of creative and technological endeavour!

We help communities, individuals and organisations create social and economic good by bringing together creativity and technology.

Our belief is that by bringing together the disciplines of artists, learning professionals, technologists and entrepreneurs, communities can be truly empowered to co-­‐produce creative solutions to social issues – having considerable positive impact on a local area’s resilience, economy, health and well-being and identity.

Our key values are as follows:

  • Local – we think local solutions are the most sustainable and effective answers to the issues society is facing.
  • Open – we are open about everything we do to enable visibility of our work, effective scrutiny of what we deliver and to share good ideas and practice
  • Collaborative – we actively seek out partners to collaborate with to deliver projects, whatever their sector, as long as they share our values.

We provide services to local authorities, schools and universities, cultural, voluntary and community organisations.

Find out more about us, and about our work.

Our latest blog posts

Is technology killing books and reading?

A fairly interesting, if somewhat confused in places, piece in The Guardian a few days ago from the author Philip Hensher. He starts by pointing out the rather glorious way that slightly niche publishing projects can get off the ground thanks to crowd funding websites such as Kickstarter, and also the way in which it’s […]

A Small Town With a Big Heart

Take a drive around the small market town of Boston in Lincolnshire and it’s impossible not to notice an abundance of soggy sofas in front yards and gardens; a sad reminder of the devastation caused by last week’s flood. A total of 136 streets in the town were affected by the flood caused by a […]

Boston Needs You

This weekend has seen an amazing community come together in Boston, Lincolnshire to help residents affected by last week’s floods. Social media has played a huge role in mobilizing a selfless team of hard working, enthusiastic volunteers who have assisted the Borough Council, The Police and The Red Cross, organised the collection of donations and […]

Get Boston Back on its Feet

The River Haven in Boston, Lincolnshire burst its banks this Thursday evening after a tidal surge, flooding nearby streets and properties. The Environment Agency said that the town was one of the worst affected areas in the country, with 300 homes flooded. The people of Boston have shown amazing community spirit and have taken to […]

Snapchat, WhatsApp and the rise of anti-social networking

Apparently, private messaging service WhatsApp has overtaken Facebook messaging as the goto mobile messaging platform. I can understand why growing numbers of people are picking up on private messaging services like WhatsApp, SnapChat and so on – particularly young people. These apps allow users to send each other messages, whether text, images or video, privately. […]

The Art of Swapping

When I was small I had a brilliant book called ‘Free Stuff for Kids’ I spent many happy hours perusing the pages before posting polite hand written requests to various PO boxes in order to get my hands on cool stuff. The cool stuff dropped onto my door mat in many different forms and I […]

The lean startup

Here are my slides from the talk I did at Boston College for a group of 30-odd students on Friday, on the topic of the lean startup. A lean startup is a new business, often in the technology field, that aims to get a product to market as quickly as possible and does so keeping […]


Tips for starting a co-working club

On Twitter, Nicola asked how to go about starting a co-working club in her village pub: Looking to start a village lone workers business club in local pub, last Friday of the month as #broadband quicker, any tips? — nicola radford (@nikradford1) November 8, 2013 What is co-working? Co-working is a way of working where […]

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